Pirates going Nowhere (the festival)

Messaggio da parte di Elias Kouloures – The Idea Soldier. International Freelancer for Creative Concept, Copywriting and Filmmaking:

Dear Italians and all pirates around the world, I’m a creative supporting the German Pirate party who is looking for fellow „pirates“ at this year’s Nowhere festival in Spain. This is a no-budget film I made last year:


I’ll be part of barrio (camp) Sssh! — To utilise the creativity and participation of the Burning Man community, I am staging one or more workshops:


Brainstorming workshop to create ideas for a better life, community and tomorrow. Ideally tackling relevant issues in your community or pressing problems worldwide. Currently the pirate party already leads the way with Universal Basic Income and other ground-breaking concepts, but I think the more ideas we create and push forward, the more might get executed, the better for all citizens around the world.

All ideas will be recorded and shared within the Nowhere, Burning Man and Pirate community. So, please contact me, if you’re part of Nowhere Festival 2017 and want to participate in our workshop or help even more. Looking forward hearing from you, Elias.

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