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Today I stumbled across a post concerning the Sony email leaks that seemed too important to ignore, it contained the two following images.

These two images are absolute concrete proof that Sony/MPAA are lobbying governments to push the TPP/TTIP’s extensive copyright laws. One part reads,

“Finally, in regards to trade, the MPAA/MPA with the strong support of your studios, continue to advocate to governments around the world about the pressing need for strong pro-IP trade policies such as TPP and the proposed EU/US trade agreement (TTIP)”

This here is concrete proof that corporations globally are pushing laws for their own profit at the expense of the people, this will be basically SOPA/CISPA on steroids.

But wait there’s more, they even said that they have formed an,

“MPAA/Studio working group to study and develop the next generation of criminal enforcement strategies to present to federal prosecutors”.

This is worse than we thought /r/technology, not only have the MPAA influenced and crafted some of the strictest copyright laws in the history of the internet for its own gain, they have been put in charge of implementing the punishments for breaking these laws.

This whole deal is completely beyond repair and needs to be shot down, but with the majority of the world economy on board, it seems like it will be a difficult task.

Bare in mind that the TPP not only includes copyright, but it will allow corporations to sue governments for ‘cutting into their future profits’ and to get the countries to repeal laws like environmental and food safety standards to maximise profits. As seen on wikileaks about the TPP:

…WikiLeaks has released the “Investment Chapter,” which highlights the intent of U.S.-led negotiators to create a tribunal where corporations can sue governments if their laws interfere with a company’s claimed future profits.

And as I’m sure it’s a sensitive topic of discussion right now, the UK will likely lose the NHS as well.

For those who don’t know about the TPP/TTIP, they are trade agreements between major world powers that are currently being negotiated in complete secrecy with corporations playing a big role. We only know most of what we do because of wikileaks:

It’s also being fastracked through congress so we don’t have much time to stop it.

Do WHATEVER you can to help raise awareness about this, this is a life or death situation for the internet and most of modern society. Call your representatives. Send it to your family and friends. Post it on social media. Show your dog.

We need to do absolutely everything we can to stop this monster of a treaty from taking the internet out of the hands of the people completely. Also, try to help organise efforts against it, we need all the help we can get.

Edit: thank you /u/jamescolespardon on /r/worldpolitics for finding this:

Here is a link to the 114 page, bipartisan, bicameral draft of legislation by former Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, which would establish fast track status for this type of agreement. It was introduced two days ago. You may not have heard of it because Star Wars released a trailer for a movie in 2016. Or that Australia stopped an alleged ISIS plot. Or ISIL beheaded more people (did you watch the video yet? It’s only 29 minutes… And you can skip to ~24:30 for the good stuff), or something something Hilary Clinton.

Here is a link to Pivot 2.0, a paper put out in January for the Center For Strategic & International Studies, a Washington, DC based Think Tank with extremely notable members on their board and as trustees, including the CEOs for major defense contractors and other multinational corporations, as well as former high ranking members of the US Government, including Dick Army (my favorite name, by far, I mean come on!), Richard Armitage, and Henry Kissinger.

The first chapter is dedicated to the TTP/TTIP trade agreements, with a deadline of June of this year.

And Paul Ryan’s bill will make it one step closer to reality.

So - let’s see who votes for this bill. And who reads it.

…anyone want to read it with me?

By the way, before Sony or something tries to get me to remove this, I did NOT hack the emails (I don’t even have the slightest clue on how to do that, find the real hacker, not me :)), so I am not responsible for these images, I simply found them are am relaying the message to reddit because it is INCREDIBLY important. If I didn’t do it, someone else would have, these laws are incredibly immoral and need to have a proper public review. I do not condone hacking at all, but these emails are proof that Sony/MPAA are involved in something more sinister than hacking.

I’ve just put together and organised information that is practically freely available on the internet, I cannot be sued :slight_smile: Speak to the mods/admins if you have a problem.

However, this train has now set off and cannot be stopped now. Let’s stop this reddit.

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