Morozov: A smokescreen for a huge power shift – Give Us Back Our Data

Documentario fresco fresco con Morozov sulla gestione dei dati, e non solo…

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Evgeny Morozov decodes the digital landscape to show how new technologies provide a smokescreen for a huge power shift.

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Technology researcher and thinker Evgeny Morozov believes the entire discussion around cool, new innovative technology is a giant distraction from the most important issues.

What has happened I think is that Silicon Valley has usurped our imagination and has made it impossible for us to dream on our own terms. We have to treat data more or less the way we would treat a lot of natural resources. We have to treat them as something that cannot be sold.

In this film, Morozov unravels the digital landscape and shows us the real processes that are leading the huge transfer of power away from ordinary people.


“One has to be very naive to believe that this data is not going to shape how we live the rest of our lives, especially when insurance companies and banks are so eager to incorporate it in their decision-making,” says Morozov. “Unless we change the legal status of data, we’re not going to get very far.”


In “Give Us Back Our Data” entrepreneurs and techies make the case for the future of technology as they see it, which many tech lovers will find familiar. After so much celebratory coverage of technology, however, Morozov’s insistence that it is more than just shiny, cool and politically neutral might be shocking. But he is important because he brings long-overdue balance to this crucial debate, and it is ultimately this that allows the audience to think deeply about what we should be demanding from technology.