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European Pirates elected as group coordinators

Brussels, 9/7/2019 - Pirates recieved positions of group coordinators who are responsible for negotiation the agenda discussed by comittees in the European Parliament. Marcel Kolaja will become coordinator in IMCO (Internal Market and Consumer Protection), Mikuláš Peksa in CONT (Budgetary Control) and Markéta Gregorová in SEDE (Security and Defense) for the second half of the election term.

Marcel Kolaja, as IMCO coordinator, wants to focus on removing barriers in the Digital Single Market. “The digital agenda is vital part of politics in the 21st century. Promoting a Pirate to the position of IMCO coordinator is a proof of its importance for the whole political group. It is another great opportunity fullfil our Pirate program,” Kolaja said. Mikuláš Peksa will oversee compliance with budgetary rules as a CONT coordinator. “European Parliament has an important role in the control of European money. The voters have the right to be sure that their taxes are being used wisely and not just for enrichment of local mafias and corrupted oligarchs," Peksa mentioned. Markéta Gregorová will coordinate the work of the committee SEDE. “Human rights are, apart from the question of safety, most important for the whole group in relation to the entire defense industry. I also perceive it as a long-term priority of me, which will certainly be reflected in committee coordination, ” Gregorová annouced.

Štěpán Neubauer Head of Communication in Brussels

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