Troppo tardi, il pianeta non è più recuperabile…

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The author links wrt climate tipping points.

I am grieving for the death of human civilization.

Since giving up is pointless, I prefer to hope that a few of those tipping points passed will still allow human civilization to continue.

The last stage of grief, I am told, is acceptance. But what does that look like? Do we go on protesting? Do we go on fighting, like Bill McKibben says, because fighting is better than doing nothing?

To me the important take-away message is that we have zero time for fighting symptoms. Taking to the streets against migration policy, in favour of gender equality, for a decent pay and pension. All you can achieve is alleviate symptoms while humanity as a whole is heading for doom. Better than nothing, but never enough. The fight against these symptoms is itself consuming more energy than it recovers.

The only fight that makes sense to fight is how humanity is doing its decision-making (or rather, leaving it to capitalist greed to progress in all the wrong directions).

  1. Understand: Politics can still be influenced by people.

At the netzpolitik conference I met an Austrian scientist who did some data crunching on the amount of citizen influence compared to lobby influence in lawmaking. He concluded that citizen get more attention and are likely more represented in laws, if they of course step up and do something. The paper isn’t published yet.

  1. Understand: Politics can still be changed and improved.

May not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I saw governance work out incredibly better when using liquid democracy - and I saw it scale to ten thousand participants. If we can influence politics to change how it arrives at regulation, we can turn around this civilization from hurrying onto the iceberg, and start having worldwide agreement on reasonable policies.

  1. Understand: Any battle focused on issues rather than on how the battle is fought itself, is a lost battle in the long-term.

It’s late. It’s late. It’s late. But not too late.

Makes sense what I wrote?

P.S. It’s amazing how idiotic the role of plutocrats is in this whole thing. They could do the most to change how this is going, but they are sitting on their fat bellies, not understanding that even money won’t buy their children a functional planet. But if only assholes can win in this capitalist system, how can you expect them to care for their children? The game is broken even for these guys.

Temo che non ci sia altra soluzione se non la geo-ingegneria. Con tutti i rischi del caso (non so se questa roba che cita Pistono sia fattibile o meno, di solito é affidabile)

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