Deleghe per competenza tematica

Da The Principles of Liquid Feedback:

4.8 LiquidFeedback allows delegating different subject areas to different people. Issues must thus be structured by assigning each issue to a subject area.

2.3 Liquid Democracy allows topic-based delegations. Sometimes it is unclear which subject area covers a particular proposal. This question can’t be solved by a computer algorithm but has to be answered by humans. […] Previously defined rules of procedure must regulate which subject areas within the system exist and what kind of resolutions they may enact.

Whenever the participants in a particular subject area decide on something that is not to be decided in that subject area, such a resolution must be void, just like when a committee is exceeding its authority. Defining and enforcing these rules and procedures is generally out of scope of LiquidFeedback, but decisions in this context may also be made within LiquidFeedback using a designated subject area.


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