Pirates in Space: Harlock is enough

Sono contrario al “Space Program” nel CEEP19, nello specifico:

Europe plays a vital, yet relatively small role in space technology. We want to stimulate this sector and open it up for new startups. This will generate a major push for technology as well as collaboration between EU member states and partner nations.

No, I don’t believe it will generate a push for technology other than subsidizing some part of the economy which is currently not a core priority (everything in technology is a total mess, we need to fix that first!). And the whole idea that startups should go into space is a fallacy — it is only happening because too much wealth has ended up in private hands, allowing for privateers to run space programs that nations like the US can no longer afford. This is a symptom of economic inequality and must be addressed by dealing with the economy, not with space programs.

Due to technology advancement and commercialization of space industry things like off-Earth mining, colonization of other planets, interstellar and interplanetary travel or planetary defense are no longer topics for distant future but the present day.

Bullshit. If we lose our home planet, only a few lonesome wealthy assholes will be able to try to survive anywhere else while all the rest of us is going to die here. We must focus 100% on saving our home planet. Any interest in space is a distraction which is harmful for human development. Also, it could become an excuse for elected pirates in politics to focus on space programs rather than fixing the economy and technology.

The EU needs to articulate a clear vision, strategy, and objectives to protect international cooperation, multilateral global governance and basic principles of rule of law, justice and democracy in the space domain. This should include the development of the EU Agency for Space Program that is politically and financially accountable to the European public through the European Parliament and receives an adequate EU-wide mandate for space security.

We need new methods of global governance for all other problems first. Until we have an economic system that doesn’t suck it makes no sense to invest time into space. It will only serve as a distraction to those economic forces who want us to be distracted.

The monopoly on technology, research and capacities has shifted from the state towards private and commercial entities.

Which is not an achievement, not a rule of nature but simply a symptom of our broken injust economic system. This development must be stopped.

… additional funding in the likes of the European Defence Fund will be required to support research of disruptive technologies …

I can’t believe we have bitcoin marketing formulas in our programme… “disruptive” is bad — it means that it hurts people. Progress is ok, but breaking things for the purpose of making a few people rich and everybody else poor is shitty. We don’t support that and we don’t use such wording.

Clear adherence to international space law principles and global support will provide a stable and stimulating regulatory framework to attract and motivate private companies. Embracing the OST’s benefit-sharing principle for space resources utilization to make space accessible and contributing to all humankind, including developing countries, should be part of the development policy.

Where is the scientific work confirming these wild and windy claims? Pirates don’t talk from their backsides. Since when are we so lobby-infested?

Fragmented national capacities for near earth objects (NEOs) observation will be pulled into a single EU agency with an adequate funding. Observation and prospecting of NEOs will serve both planetary defense and resources utilization to develop joint capabilities.

What is the scientific background for this? Why should we ratify things just to not look stupid because we don’t know if what you say is actually truly true and needed? Or is this the write-up of a lobbyist? Who can tell? What the fuck are we voting? Without convincing scientific data, these wild claims have to go.

Support of research and development of high-end multi-purpose mitigation and resources utilization technologies, such as laser techniques, to create a functioning and secured space economy. Utilization of space resources in-situ to foment a functioning space economy that will translate into better and more accessible space-based services.

In the dramatic situation that humanity is in terms of climate, technology and economy, how can you prove to us fact-based, that a space economy is a reasonable aim to even discuss?

The space program should also fund goals that are or seem to be out of reach today.

Yeah right, like we don’t need to stop surveillance and save human society on planet Earth first…

Pirates believe that the results of the research fueling the space program have the potential to improve the lives of all EU citizens.

But Pirates also believe that focusing on improving the lives of all citizen is an even better goal!

Please scrap the entire space program. There’s no intelligent life in there.

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I agree with most of what you say here.

Except for one passage.


Pirates can’t cap Curiosity and humans have always looked at the sky with an amused Curiosity. And a whole lot of modern technology has been made possible by the interest in space by physicists of all ages, from Galileo to Newton to Einstein and so on…

This doesn’t mean that colonizing Mars is our top priority. But it doesn’t even imply that we should quit any investement on the related research and development.

Also on a geopolitical scale, don’t forget that since Nations exist, they tend to consider anything they can reach first as their own property. So if, say, US people will land on Mars, the first things they’ll do will be to put Stars and Stripes all over the surface. :wink:

So while I agree that most of these things are probably electoral bullshit, we shouldn’t dismiss the topic at all!

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In medio stat virtus;

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e sticazzi?